Concrete Reinforcing Steel Products Supplier – IPM Steel

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Products Supplier – IPM Steel

If you are in need of a trusted supplier of concrete reinforcing steel products, IPM Steel can assist. We manufacture, distribute and install reinforcing steel products for concrete structures and other applications.

We offer high quality steel products for concrete reinforcement, which will fit your requirements and specifications. IPM Steel is a leading concrete reinforcing steel products supplier in Gauteng, that has assisted many clients in this region to get the best products and services for their reinforcement project. Contact IPM Steel today for more information about our steel products and services, or to get a quote for your projects.

Steel products for concrete reinforcement from IPM Steel

Steel is an alloy of iron, containing carbon and other elements, which gives it a unique strength (amongst other beneficial properties). Steel has been used to reinforce concrete since the mid 1800’s, as its remarkable qualities were soon discovered by French engineers and architects.

Concrete is widely used for construction, foundations and other building needs, and comprises of small stones and gravel called aggregate, sharp sand, cement and water. The reason concrete is the material of choice for construction, is the fact that it boasts a very high resistance against compressive force, making it ideal for large structures and buildings. Although strong under compression, concrete is very weak in tensile strength. This means that when receiving tensile pressure, concrete on its own isn’t very strong.

This is where concrete reinforcing steel products come in – steel reinforcing products like steel rebar or welded mesh are added to the concrete mixture, which will then reinforce the concrete giving it a higher tensile strength. Reinforced steel is widely used within the construction industry, due to its versatility and strength.

IPM Steel manufactures, distributes and installs reinforcing steel products for various construction needs, contact us for the following concrete reinforcing steel products:

  • Steel rebar: We manufacture steel rebar according to our clients’ needs. You can rest assured that all reinforcing steel supplied by IPM Steel conforms to SANS 920 (Steel bars for concrete reinforcement) and that all cut and bend complies with SANS 282 (Bending dimensions and scheduling of steel reinforcement for concrete).
  • Welded mesh: Welded mesh can be supplied in a variety of diameters to fit the requirements and specifications of the client. Our range of welded mesh conforms to SANS 1024 (Welded steel fabric for reinforcement of concrete).

Contact IPM Steel today for concrete reinforcing steel products

Trust IPM Steel for all your concrete reinforcing steel products and services needs. Whether you need all the project to be supplied from our own yard, partially cut and bent onsite, or completely cut and bent on location, as per your requirements and needs.

IPM Steel has assisted many clients in Gauteng to complete their reinforcement project successfully including assistance in large projects such as the N12 Gillooly’s Interchange project, Rivergate Shopping Centre, Gautrain Rapid Rail Link and more.

Contact IPM Steel today for more information about our concrete reinforcing steel products available in Gauteng.

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